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As you will discover below, WEISS North America offers a broad range of automation solutions designed to provide you with a perfect automation solution. To further that goal, WEISS is pleased to announce the addition of four new automation technologies that further broaden our range of solutions.
  • WEISS PC-S Series Electric Cylinders
  • WEISS Linear Units
  •  WEISS Heavy-Duty Rings
Discover more about each new solution below, as well as our proven automation technology that has made WEISS a global leader in the automation industry.

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WEISS PC-S Series Electric Cylinders
WEISS PC-S electric cylinders feature a precision ball screw drive. The electric cylinder is based on the standard ISO 15552. Its outer design and dimensions are very similar to pneumatic cylinders. High performance features such as, high speeds, good positioning accuracy and high repeatability are ensured through a precision ball screw with reduced backlash (preload on request) of the ball nut and non-rotating piston rod. For a long service life the re-lubrication can be done through a lubrication nipple. The design with its smooth surfaces enables easy cleaning of the cylinder. In combination with a lubricant class H1 it is also suitable for food & beverage applications. It can be additionally equipped with switches and ISO standard accessories.

The excellent sealing of the components in the cylinder ensures an IP65 protection class and protects the interior of the cylinder from dust, water and other contaminants. Version IP65CR also offers a high corrosion resistance in harsh environments.
WEISS Linear Units
WEISS Linear Units feature both a toothed belt drive and precision ball screw drive. The WEISS Linear Units compact dimensions provide high performance features such as, high speed, good accuracy and repeatability. They can easily be combined to multi-axis systems and offer an excellent price/performance ratio. The compact, precision-extruded aluminum profile with integrated zero-backlash ball rail guide system, allows high load capacities and optimal cycles for the movement of larger masses at high speed.
WEISS Heavy-Duty Rings
The new WEISS CR series of heavy-duty rings have a modular design, and can be finely adjusted and adapted to a wide variety of applications. New features include multiple gears and a central opening for cable and media entry that is more than twice as large as previous models. WEISS Application Software, W.A.S., ensures easy set-up and start-up — making the rings perfectly prepared for the ever-changing production requirements of the future.

The modular concept means that users can order the CR heavy-duty rings precisely configured to meet their production needs and avoid paying for unused reactive power. The models in this series can be more finely adjusted and have around 20% more torque. Users can start by choosing from several different gear ratios, before configuring the ring to suit the relevant load. These configuration options make it possible to coordinate components and prevent oversizing.
WEISS Freely-Programmable Rotary Indexers
The WEISS family of programmable rotary indexing solutions offer extreme flexibility within your automation environment. This provides you with the ability to address multiple processes with program swappable secondary tooling, fast recommissioning & variable indexing of unevenly spaced stations with a single rotary indexing solution. The high output torque of the TO and ST units make them perfect for your high speed applications, in addition, multiple encoder options enable these units to be extremely accurate as well.
NC Rotary Indexers
WEISS NC Programmable Rotary Index Table
NR Rotary Indexing Rings
WEISS NR Programmable Rotary Indexing Rings
CR Heavy Duty Rotary Rings
WEISS CR Programmable Heavy Duty Rotary Rings
TH Rotary Barrel Drive
WEISS TH Programmable Rotary Barrel Drive
TO Torque Rotary Tables
WEISS TO Programmable Torque Rotary Tables
ST High-Torque Rotating Unit
WEISS TO Programmable High-Torque Rotating Unit
TW Direct Drive Motor
WEISS TW Programmable Direct Drive Motor
Programmable Rotary Indexing Applications
WEISS products are used in a wide range of applications and can be easily and seamlessly integrated into an existing environment. Every industry and application has special characteristics and specific requirements. Our decades of expertise & experience allow us to speak the language of your industry and better understand your needs. This enables us to work with you to specify & build the perfect automation solution based upon your specific and unique requirements.
WEISS NC Programmable Rotary Index Table
Inspection & Testing
Marking & Identification
Weld Cells & Trunion Axis
Material Handling
 Automated Storage & Retrieval
Insertion & Joining
Variable Indexing
 Fast Recommissioning
 Multiple Offset Tooling
Custom Solutions
Machine Frames/Chassis
 Single Source Solution
Custom Dial & Tooling Plates
WEISS Rotary Indexing Table Overview Video
Here's a brief overview of our Fixed-Station Rotary Indexing Tables as well as our Freely Programmable Rotary Index Tables. We also highlight some of our value-added products and services.

WEISS manufactures one of the most reliable and robust indexing tables available worldwide and we are a global leader in the field of automation. Extremely long service life combined with impressively fast switching technology is a characteristic of every table we manufacture.

WEISS rotary index tables are maintenance free and offer the industry's best warranty.
Case Study: One Ring to Rule Them All
Leading development partner for the transportation industry with a global operating workforce of over 5,600, EDAG was recently faced with the task of designing a heavy-duty ring for a new production concept. Featuring a distinctly large central opening, the WEISS CR 2600 provides a unique combination for this size of a classic rotary table and shuttle system in which robots can access the workpiece from both sides.
WEISS CR 2600 Rotary Indexing Rings
WEISS North America Automation Team
WEISS North America Automation Team
About WEISS North America
In 1996, Precision Detroit Company established a relationship with WEISS GmbH. WEISS has been manufacturing high quality index tables for decades and is the leading automation component manufacturer in Europe today.

In August, 2007, WEISS GmbH established WEISS North America, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary. On September 30, 2007, WEISS North America, Inc. acquired the assets of Precision Detroit Company, Inc. relative to its PDC Geneva Motion index tables and its network of sales representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Today, WEISS North America is your complete automation manufacturer and solutions partner. WEISS has decades of expertise in providing automation, drive and control solutions to industrial markets. WEISS offers industry-specific, cost-effective and efficient technology solutions to help you maximize your efficiency, increase your productivity and achieve optimal system performance. We understand that your application has unique processes and specific requirements and we work closely with you to develop the perfect automation solution for your particular needs.

Successfully competing in our increasingly competitive global environment requires strategy, innovation and proven reliability from a partner that you can trust. Give us a call at 888-WEISSNA, fill out the form above, schedule a call below or simply send us an email to discuss your automation needs.
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